“Get Off”

Häpna H.19, CD
8 tracks, 35 minutes
Listen to: “Babel”
Reviews of “Get Off”
Release date: December 7, 2004

This is the fourth solo album from groundbreaking sound artist Pita (real name Peter Rehberg). His previous solo albums as Pita (all on the Mego label) have all been landmarks in electronic music. His sound ranges from furious to minimalistic, but always with the same uncompromising attitude. To be true to ones ideas when trends come and go is something admirable in every artist. “Get Off” is his most varied album to date.

“Get Off” was made over a two-year period, with most of the material originating from various 'live' situations. It was then compiled and completed during the summer of 2004 in relative isolation.

Apart from his solo work, he also collaborates with choreographers Gisele Vienne (DACM) and Chris Haring, as well as being a member of the MIMEO project.

Tracks: 1. Eternel, 2. Like watching shit on a shelf, 3. Resog 45, 4. More break after the terror, 5. By both, 6. Babel, 7. Luzthm, 8. Retour

“[...] Over the course of the disc’s 35 minutes Pita turns on a pretty fantastic drone machine that conjures spacious yet harsh sounds, which land somewhere in the thermal pools between drone and noise. But it’s always much more spacious and mysterious to be mistaken for the plain shit that is most noise today. Although remaining on the difficult side of fringe music, this one still works like balsam for the warped mind, and its organic qualities are as mesmerizing as they are surprising.”
Mats Gustafsson, Broken Face

“[...] Pita is the master of the plug in: armed with just his laptop he's still, despite his lower profile these days, the best you can get. Small his output may be, it shows enough variation to maintain a continued interest...”
Frans de Waard, Vital Weekly

“[...] Relevant historia, behållna tillvägagångssätt och ideal, vilja till förnyelse. Allt sammantaget resulterar i att ‘Get Off’, som Pitas Häpna-album heter, är fantastiskt.”
Rated 8/10, Johan Jacobsson, Sonic