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Wiener Futurismo (from “A Cosmic Serenade”, 2015)
Little Elvis (from “Drape Me in Velvet”, 2012)

Seagulls (from “Casino”, 2014)
Craps, (video by Cedrick Eymenier, from “Casino”, 2014)
Hotels (from “Revelationes”, 2011)
Come Maddalena (from Tenniscoats / Tape spilt 7'', 2008)
Moth Wings (from “Luminarium”, 2008)
Augustan Chateau (from “Milieu Plus”, 2008)
Leafed Hands (from “Opera Plus”, 2008)
Sand dunes small, large (video by Wisut Ponnimit, from “Rideau”, 2005)
A Spire (excerpt, from “Rideau”, 2005)
Root Tattoo (from “Milieu”, 2003)
Sponge Chorus (from “Milieu”, 2003)
Bell Mountain (from “Opera”, 2002)
Radiolaria (from “Opera”, 2002)

Boots Brown
Dash 3 (from “Dashes to Dashes”, 2014)

Sagor & Swing
Ingen vals om inget alls (from “Botvid Grenlunds park”, 2013)
Postmodernism (from “Orgelplaneten”, 2004)
Äventyr i alperna (from “Orgelplaneten”, 2004)
Grottmusik (from “Allt hänger samman”, 2003)
In i skogen small, large (video by Martin Malm, Jakob Hallberg and Rickard Ahlbäck-Herou, from “Melodier och fåglar”, 2002)
Flickan och jätten (from “Melodier och fåglar”, 2002)
Mjuk skog (from “Orgelfärger”, 2001)

Time Is a Mountain
Clear-Out Clouds (from “Time Is a Mountain”, 2013)

Papaya (from “Papa's Ear”, 2012)
Lutie Lutie (from Tenniscoats / Tape spilt 7'', 2008)
Baibaba Bimba (from “Tan-Tan Therapy”, 2007)

Hans Appelqvist
sanningens fjäder (from “Sjunga slutet nu”, 2011)
Tänk att himlens alla stjärnor (from “Sifantin och mörkret”, 2007)
Tänk att himlens alla stjärnor (video by Andreas Nilsson, from “Sifantin och mörkret”, 2007)
(video by Hans Appelqvist, from “Naima”, 2006)
aimamelodin (video by Hans Appelqvist, from “Naima”, 2006)
http://www.naimachat.se (from “Naima”, 2006)
Zenna & Marie (excerpt, from “Att möta verkligheten”, 2003)

Vowel After a Pause (from "The State We Are In", 2011)

Anna Järvinen
Äppelöga (from "Man var bland molnen", 2009)
Götgatan (from “Jag fick feeling”, 2007)
Götgatan small, large (video by Fredrik Wenzel, from “Jag fick feeling”, 2007)

Eric Malmberg
Till minne av Lilly Lindström (from “Verklighet & Beat”, 2007)
Finalen (from “Verklighet & Beat”, 2007)
Jaget (video by Andreas Berthling and Eric Malmberg, from “Den gåtfulla människan”, 2005)
Språk och tankestrukturer (from “Den gåtfulla människan”, 2005)

A Taste of Ra
Morning of My Life (excerpt, from “Morning of My Life”, 2007)
Radhe-Shyam in Bliss Land (from “A Taste of Ra”, H.30, 2006)
Lovearth Song... (from “A Taste of Ra”, H.23, 2005)
Miracle Wait (from “A Taste of Ra”, H.23, 2005)

Marcus Schmickler with Hayden Chisholm
Infinity in the Shape of a Poodle (for Björk Gudmundsdottir) (excerpt, from “Amazing Daze”, 2007)

Andrea Belfi
Sandglass (from “Between Neck & Stomach”, 2006)

Giuseppe Ielasi
track #4 (from “s/t”, 2006)
track #4 (from “Gesine”, 2005)

Anders Dahl
Hundloka - Guitar, Bouzouki, Violin, Prepared Speakers (excerpt, from “Hundloka, flockblomstriga 1”, 2006)

In Every Tree a Heartache (excerpt, from “A year of the aural gauge operation”, 2005)

Toshiya Tsunoda
At Stern, Tokyo Bay_11 Jun 01 (from “Ridge of Undulation”, 2005)

Smooth Fried Tk2 (from “Free Pulse”, 2005)

Babel (from “Get Off”, 2004)

Stephan Mathieu
On Tape (excerpt, from “On Tape”, 2004)

Patrik Torsson
Loftahammar (from “Gästhamnar”, 2004)
Stora Bält-passagerna (from “Kolväteserenader”, 2004)
Vindväggen (from “Kolväteserenader”, 2004)

Loren Connors & David Grubbs
Blossom Time (excerpt, from “Arborvitae”, 2003)

Oren Ambarchi & Johan Berthling
My Days Are Darker Than Your Nights (excerpt, from “My Days...”, 2003)

Ronnie Sundin
Morphei (excerpt, from “Morphei”, 2002)

track #3 (from “Three Henries”, 2001)

Lord Have Mercy (from “Sheriff”, 2001)

David Stackenäs
The Guitar (from “The guitar”, 2000)

Rüdiger Carl & Sven-Åke Johansson
track #4 (from “Djungelmusik med sång”, 2000)