A taste of Ra
“A taste of Ra”

Häpna H.30, CD
9 tracks, 35 minutes
Listen to: “Radhe-Shyam in bliss land”
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Release date: October 2, 2006

When your ears are gates and they're wide open
Levels of sound will chase you down, collide, kiss and fight
In the yard that you now found;
The past will meet the present, you're paying past with present
When you finally hear her voice that make you leave your body behind and meet as gods...
Sound will evolve and something that was once heard by the keeper of the horizon is now heard by you.

This is album number two in the A Taste of Ra trilogy.

Tracks: 1. 37 Turns 'Round You, 2. Di Spears, 3. Wind and the Mountain II, 4. Flowers, Bats and Boats , 5. Ra is Movin' Through the Octaves, 6. Indian Love Call (Continues to Call), 7. Mother, 8. The Fox and the Frog, 9. Radhe-Shyam in Bliss Land