Tenniscoats / Tape
“Lutie Lutie / Come Maddalena”

Häpna H.39, vinyl 7'' (sold out)
2 tracks, 10 minutes
Listen to: Lutie Lutie, Come Maddalena
Release date: October 2008

Side one:
Lutie Lutie by Tenniscoats features Saya on vocals, pump organ, melodica, synthesizer and Ueno on guitar and drum machine. Kazumi Nikaido sings choir and Tomas Hallonsten plays glockenspiel and synthesizer.

Side two contains:
Come Maddalena by Ennio Morricone arranged by Tape with the voices of Kazumi Nikaido and Saya and Ueno from Tenniscoats. All other instruments and voices by Tape.

Recorded and mixed by Tape at Summa, Stockholm july 2007.

This is a split single with Tape and Tenniscoats released in conjunction with their tour of Japan, October 2008.

Tracks: 1. Lutie Lutie, 2. Come Maddalena