“Papa's Ear”

Häpna H.48, CD
10 tracks, 47 minutes
Listen to: Papaya
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Release date: January 25, 2012

Japanese duo Tenniscoats have been running together for more than ten years. Running is the tempo you need to have to keep up with these guys: always touring, recording and working on new projects.

Their music is all about catching the moment. Next time everything will sound different. They are true improvisors inside their own musical world. The music on this record adds a new facet to their universe. Deeper, more intense but with still visible signs of their trademark playfulness despite the fact that the album was recorded during dark wintertime.

This is the second time they have come to Stockholm, Sweden, to record their music. Musicians around the group Tape and label Häpna gathered together with producer Johan Berthling during a week in the studio to record most of the music for Papa’s Ear. Compared to the recording of Tan-Tan Therapy (2007, Häpna) which was very haphazard, everything started on a new level here. There was already a plan on how to work, ideas around the sound that was aimed for.

In typical Tenniscoats fashion Saya completed some of the lyrics in the last minute. There is always a new song to record, the flow of new material seems inexhaustible. Welcome to enter the door to Tenniscoats magical, mystery world.

Musicians: Saya, Ueno, Johan Berthling, Tomas Hallonsten, Fredrik Ljungkvist, Lars Skoglund, Andreas Söderström and Andreas Werliin.

Tracks: 1. Higa noboru (The Sun Rises), 2. Hikoki (Airplane), 3. Kuki no soko (The Bottom of the Air), 4. Papaya, 5. Sappolondon, 6. New Seasons Dead, 7. På floden (On the River), 8. Sabaku (Desert), 9. Tanjobi no yokan (Expectation of Birth), 10. Nigor (Cloudy Air Is Not So Bad)