Time Is a Mountain

Häpna H.49, LP+wavs (soon: 2nd ed white vinyl)
7 tracks, 42 minutes
Listen to: Clear-Out Clouds
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Release date: April 17, 2013 (Scandinavia)

It all starts with a sound. The sound of a monophonic synth. Then we have the Drums. And what binds it all together: The Bass.
In search of a departed past. Maybe a trip to Italy 1981. No, we never went to Italy... Ok.
But the colour is definitely brown.
Memories, not necessarily self-perceived, but yet...
A happy childhood. A promising future. And then there's a wizard.
Phrases, echoes. Expanding lines that evolves and re-evolves.
Escape from NY. Growing up. Possibilities and limitations.
The smell of dust and electricity. A wish to go back and forward at the same time.
It all comes down to a introspective groove. The strength of the collective process.

Time Is a Mountain is the brainchild of Tomas Hallonsten. Honing his craft in the group Tape and on numerous other recordings, he's now one of Sweden's most distinctive musicians, talking to his machines and convincing totally organic sounds out of them. The music on this record throws it's tentacles both into the future and back in history with a sound not to be confused with others. Together with cohorts Andreas Werliin (Wildbirds & Peacedrums, Tonbruket, Fire!) and Johan Berthling (Tape, Fire!) they've created a real gem of a record.

Musicians: Tomas Hallonsten, Andreas Werliin, Johan Berthling

Tracks: 1. Clear-Out Clouds, 2. Wooden Keys, 3. Clavier, 4, Magicien, 5. Tempi Campi, 6. Tunnels in Time, 7. Zul Iwan