“A Cosmic Serenade”

Häpna H.53, LP (with CD included)
7 tracks, 32 minutes
Listen to: Wiener Futurismo
Release date: October 15, 2015

The eagerly awaited follow-up to Drape Me in Velvet is here! In the making for quite some time it features a large cast of players and in the midst of it all Mr Musette himself – Joel Danell. This man has carved a niche for himself with a sound world merging both the most ancient and the newest of the new. Hip hop, polka, novelty music and sound tracks all go down in the blender. For each record Musette has deepened the colours and now he’s at a point where he’s so much his own that his sound is immediately recognizable. Jack Nitzsche and his albums The Lonely Surfer and Three Piece Suite are opaque references, but this is just to point at the grandiosity A Cosmic Serenade has. It’s music out of time, full of references but at the same time existing in a world of it’s own. – Chester Petranick.

Musicians: Christopher Cantillo, Daniel Ögren, Edvin Nahlin, Vilhelm Bromander, Anna Dager, Hanna Ekström, Nils Berg, Anna Ahnlund, Anders af Klintberg, Johan Norin, Ylva Ceder, Joel Danell

Tracks: 1. Moonquake, 2. Apocalypso, 3. All We Got Is Uz, 4. Cumbia de Giza, 5. Wiener Futurismo, 6. Cannibal Detox, 7. Send in the Clown Clones